Welcome to “Pro Grade Fitness”

My name is Simon Bialecki. I have been a Personal Trainer, Performance Coach, Former Athletic Therapist and Kinesiologist for the last 19 years.

My Mission:
My mission is to help educate people on a better way of living by having them break through self limiting barriers and finding a whole new self of living through a healthy body and mind.

I am a passionate student of life, and I love to share everything that I learn. I am here to teach and help improve my clients’ quality of life through proper movement, fitness and a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. It is one of the most important aspects in my life and I want to share it with people who want to make positive changes in their lives. Training is what I do and what I specialize in.

I utilize a combination of my past experience and education in rehabilitation, athletics, personal training, nutrition and personal development. My multidisciplinary approach to health, fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and mindset will guarantee that your health and fitness goals will be met. I am dedicated to having complete focus on my clients to have them constantly progressing and being satisfied in achieving more than they thought they could. I get as much of a satisfaction having my clients achieve their goals as they do. This is why I do what I do.

Imagine yourself progressing consistently instead of regressing year by year. Challenge yourself with new goals and aspirations for better health, movement, energy, function, strength and a better aesthetic appearance and confidence. This is all 100% possible! It’s up to you.

How can I help?
I have a lot of experience and education in the following areas that can help you achieve your health and fitness desires:

• Healthy Fat Loss and Body Toning
• Lifestyle Coaching and Habit Changes
• Strength Training / Power / Functional Training
• Endurance / Stamina / Cardiovascular Training
• Specific Custom Nutrition Plans that suit your lifestyle
• Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
• Mobility and Movement
• Sports Specific Conditioning
• Golf Specific Training
• Senior Specific Training


The consultation and initial assessment are complimentary. I do not believe in pressure sales because I do not like being pressured to buy something I am not ready for. You can be worry free from that for our first meeting.


Training Facility:
I am located in North Barrie close to Bayfield and Livingston. My double garage has been converted to a state of the art winter heated gym. Check out the Training Facility Tab in the Menu for more information.


One on One (Pay as you go):
$120 per 1 hour session
$140 per 1 1/2 hour session

One on One (Packages):
$80 per 1 hour session for a package of 10+
$100 per 1 1/2 hour session for a package of 10+

Group Training (Pay as you go):
Two on One: $60 per person per hour session
Three on One: $50 per person per hour session

*** Please see the “Training Programs” Tab in the Menu for more information


Simon Bialecki, BSc, AT, CPT, FNS, SFS, GFS, STR, EMR

– Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
– Athletic Therapy Certificate
– Personal Training Certificate
– Fitness Nutrition Specialist
– Senior Fitness Specialist
– Golf Fitness Specialist
– Soft Tissue Release Specialist
– Emergency Medical Responser

My Appearance on Television discussing Everything Health and Fitness:


Here is just a bit of what my clients are saying:

“From the moment you meet with Simon, you know he’s the real deal. He does a thorough fitness assessment, and gets to the root of your “why”. Simon is a professional and an expert in the field of optimal fitness, anatomy, and rehabilitation from past injuries. His knowledge is science based and goes well beyond the average personal trainer who has a CANFITPRO certification. I would only hire the BEST to condition my body, thats why I chose Simon, he’s simply the best in his field!” – Beata Vincent

” Simon is an amazing trainer! He has a prodigious knowledge of body mechanics and nutrition and is able to match the training to your desired goals. He insists on good technique to get the maximum results and while he pushes you for progress, he does it in a way that recognizes your limits. I have benefited greatly from his knowledge and guidance, and as a result, I keep coming back for more!” – Ron Sapsford

“Simon takes pride in being in peak physical condition and is a great role model to anyone who wants to achieve the same. His knowledge of the principles of strength and conditioning is unmatched. The added benefit of hiring Simon as your personal fitness coach is that he has a background in rehabilitation, so you know that his programs will be individually designed with your safety in mind!” – Pat Sanziano

“I’ve worked with Simon for almost two years and he has taken my body from a broken down wreck after a car accident and 60lbs overweight into a well developed muscled body anyone would be proud of. His tactics dealing with my prior injuries and working around them to strengthen my core and increase my stamina have helped me in every facet in life. I truly owe Simon my well being. Without his assistance I would still be bedridden in pain unable to lift even a 10lb. box. His encouragement and drive to excel have made me who I am today. I can’t thank you enough Simon for the miracles you’ve performed here.”             – Adam Shaka

“Your body is bound to change when it comes into contact with Simon.  Like the famous slogan of Nike – Just Do It – that’s how sessions flow with him.  As a fully qualified kinesiologist, Simon carries more knowledge and practical experience than several researchers, doctors and fitness experts combined.” – Zeena Zaiyouna

“Simon is a very passionate and no nonsense trainer. His extensive knowledge in health, fitness & nutrition, makes him an asset to whoever he comes into contact with. Whether you are a trainer, or client alike. Simon’s attention to detail during training will allow anyone to achieve their desired results.” – Melissa Colthrust    

“Simon is very knowledgable, professional and inspiring. He has helped my husband and I tremendously!”– Ruth McGroarty

*** Check out the Testimonial Section to learn how I can help you achieve your health and fitness dreams.                                                                                                          ———————————————————————————————————


— “Feel better than ever before in your life!”



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