How an Ass-kicking Workout Can Take You Out Of the Winter Blues

A couple of the many benefits of exercise is releasing stress and increasing the feel good chemicals, such as endorphins and dopamine. These are chemicals that are release with recreational drug use. The difference with exercise is that you get a natural euphoric high. By itself, exercise will help you deal with stress and get you to be more productive throughout the day. We know that our mental state affects our physical state. What many people do not realize is that our physical state affects our metal state as well. So if you are having a hard time feeling good internally and everything you think about depresses you, then change your mental state by doing an ass-kicking workout!

Find something that you like, such as lifting weights, hitting a boxing bag, swinging some Kettlebells, lifting some heavy weights, doing some hard interval training, going for a challenging run outside on a trail or doing a physically demanding sport. Then go out and do it 100%. Turn up your favorite music and be 100% present in the workout. Work through the discomfort and just give it. Obviously, I am not suggesting you go get injured and perform your ass-kicking workout with horrible technique. I’m saying just break your depressed pattern by getting outside your comfort zone, changing your mental and physical state and ramping up your euphoric chemicals.

There is a saying that goes like this. How you do anything is how you do everything. I can guarantee you that if you do your ass-kicking workout as described above you will change your mental state and start feeling and performing a lot better. By changing our physical state, you will alter you mental state. Simple as that! After that you are more likely to continue on your productive path of being a happier and whole person by continuing what you originally set out to do.

This article idea came to me recently when I had my two weeks of winter blues. After doing my fitness show in early March, I decided to take a week off from training. Soon after that I got sick with some sort of flu. I became extremely lazy. I watched more TV in one week then since the whole year so far. My lazy part of my mind soon awakened and decided to take control of my life. All this plus the long winter and some personal issues I was dealing with and I lost all focus and determination. Week two was even worse. No will power, no drive and no fulfillment. No smile and no care. I tried to work out, but I didn’t care to or wanted to. I did everything half ass. I felt depressed. I was worried that this would last longer then it was welcomed.

Then I started to think. Before week three started I was in the shower thinking of starting the week of right. How could I do it? I began thinking of my goals and what I could do to get that energy back. Then I thought… I will do one of my ass kicking workouts tomorrow! I didn’t care that I took two weeks off. I needed to break this depressed and unfocused pattern with something that always pushed me physically and mentally. I needed something that pushed my comfort zone.

Long story short, I went to the gym with my girlfriend, put on some Metal and went 100% full out. 100% focus and determination. Anything that my lazy mind came up with I pushed aside and said “Thank you for sharing”. After that workout I was a changed man. I am back to myself again more determined then ever.

Just know that when you feel lazy and depressed, it is ok. Let yourself experience that feeling and know that occasionally you will feel like that. No problem. No need to beat yourself up because of it. Be aware that it is happening and let it pass. When the time is right, do a dramatic state change such as an ass-kicking workout and you will be back to your old self.

– Simon Bialecki

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