“If you are looking for a trainer who is professional, fun, motivating and results oriented, Simon Bialecki is definitely the trainer you are looking for.  I have trained with Simon, off and on due to COVID for the past 3 years.  At one point I was training with him 4 times a week after work, and I can honestly say that I have never felt or looked better.  Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness, nutrition and mobility, he is genuinely a nice guy who truly cares about his clients.  He quickly transitions from a trainer to a friend.  What I also need to mention is that although Simon really pushed me out of my comfort zone with certain exercises such as dead lifts, I never once got injured.  As soon as he sees your form is off during the exercise, he will stop you immediately.  He watches your form “like a hawk” to ensure that you don’t get injured, unlike other trainers who don’t pay close attention to their clients.

I have been and continue to be extremely happy with Simon’s personal training.  I would encourage anyone, of any age, and fitness level to give him the opportunity to improve your life for the better.”

– Sophia Makridis


“I would highly recommend Simon to anyone interested in improving their fitness at any level.  His knowledge of body mechanics, nutrition and rehabilitation are superb and his professionalism unmatched making the best of your time with him. Simon takes care to educate his clients on proper technique and is uncompromising on form so you will never forget. He helped me build my quads to alleviate stress on my knee without injury as well rehabilitate a shoulder injury to become stronger then ever.  I later signed my extremely busy husband to build up his lower back and mobility as well as my son to learn proper weight training techniques.  Again if you are looking for an honest trainer who will work you hard to get to your best shape do not hesitate to hire Simon.”

– Ani Altounian


“I’ve worked with Simon for many years, on and off, and always seen desired and tangible results in strength, conditioning and performance. His approach is always customized based on individual needs and focused on progressing towards identified goals, with timely reminders about nutrition. I can verify that working with Simon, while being mindful of nutrition, will lead to results – his knowledge, work ethic, honesty and focus are attributes that other personal trainers can learn from.

I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.” 

– Farhan Zahir


“I meet Simon 3 years ago and have asked him to help me with my recovery post my complicated back surgery.

Based on his expertise and experience he was able to assess my limitations and strengths and develop a plan to improve my condition.

Since we worked together, I observed improvement and was very pleased.

Simon is very professional, knowledgeable, patient individual. He is empathetic, driven and focused on safe and ethical approach.

I would highly recommend him, and I am confident that his skills can help other individuals in need.”

– Beata Malizia


“What sets Simon apart from other trainers is his knowledge, experience, and attention to detail towards your goals. He makes it easy to understand the movements, and after each session I always left with valuable takeaways that could be applied at some point in the future. He knows what to look for during workouts and is always carefully monitoring form for safe exercise, he uses this information to correct less than ideal movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Overall when you train with Simon you get perspectives and expertise that is difficult to find. You can expect to get great results if you train with Simon regularly.”

– Justin Oag



“The training sessions with Simon Bialecki were very knowledgeable, easy to learn and benificial for anyone looking to better themselves in excersise/training.

Simon’ calm demeanour and approach makes learning more simple with him as he can explain excersises well and provides confort and support during the sessions.

His vast knowledge of equipment and technique are very helpful in advancing at a good pace and offers a wide range of aspects to learn.

I found the sessions helped me reach my goal and provided me with valuable tools that I will now always have available to me.

I thank you Simon for your time and effort in helping me learn exercises properly and explaining what they are good for and how to use them to your advantage.


– Luc Lefebvre


“Simon is very knowledgable and dedicated to his job. His training program is highly efficient for skinny people like me to gain muscles in the shortest period of time. The session has always been very positive and encouraging! I’ve seen visible changes in my body shape and improved strengths.  If you decide to find a trainer to help improve your overall health, pick someone who loves his job and cares for his clients.”

– Allison Luo


“I had a great experience with Simon as my personal trainer. I came to him with specific goals, and had some constraints imposed on top (like elbow pain). He did a great job of managing through all of it and providing me with a customized program to build core strength. I’m very happy with the results and would recommend his services to anyone requiring a knowledgable personal trainer.”

– Shahrukh Siddiqi


“When I first met Simon, I could say I was underdeveloped. After our initial consult he knew a plan of attack for me right away. He took into account my personal life, my diet and my sport. He has gone above and beyond several times in the gym and outside, always trying to take my fitness to the next level. He was always on time, waiting for me at the door. He’s easy to talk to and will make you laugh, watch out for that Arnold voice. He always pushed me to do more but knew when to stop, something the average person won’t know because I didn’t. Sessions are seamlessly easy as he teaches and guides you in everything you do. My schedule was on and off due to traveling for my sport and during these times Simon has demonstrated that he is very understanding. He’s a great trainer, but most importantly down to earth, something you don’t find often these days. I would recommend anyone to Simon who wants their lives to be physically transformed. I say this with the utmost confidence because he changed mine. Simon helped me take my sport to another level. Come August, I will be a professional soccer player in Spain. I owe Simon the utmost respect as has had a very important role in this success. He took nothing and turned it into something. Simon is an over achiever and I will miss training with him.”

Long time client and friend, Mikey.

 – Mikey Toteda 


“Eight months ago I decided to invest in my health and well-being. After a bit of research into the best personal trainers in Mississauga region, I found Simon and in the very first session I became confident that he is not like any other personal trainer I’ve seen in gyms like Goodlife. Simon is very well educated in this field and has spent several years helping people achieving their fitness objectives. Getting to know Simon and training with him was life-changing! I could have never imagined to get such incredible results before training with him. I have achieved a tremendous increase in my strength and energy level which was my main objective. My stubborn body fat faded away day after day and my body shape got transformed. After training with Simon, I noticed that my lifestyle has also changed to better… Every morning I wake up more energetic, I avoid unhealthy food, I laugh more and my self confidence skyrocketed. To be short, I have learned from Simon how to live a happy life.
To Simon: Thank you for pushing me further than I thought I could go. Thank you for sharing with me the knowledge that you gained after years of studying, research and experience. I’m living a happy and healthy life now and it’s all because of you.”

– Amin Beirami


“After my wife and I had kids we pretty much stopped exercising / playing sports completely due to the time constraints and stress of being new parents.  The resulting health problems that stem from leading sedentary lives eventually knocked some sense into us and I started looking for a Personal Trainer.  I found Simon online and arranged in-home training.  He was extremely professional and knowledgeable and catered to my specific needs (which at the time were to get back in shape and work on my mobility).  Simon was able to create a complete workout plan for me given the little equipment I had at home, supplemented by whatever he brought with him.  he also created a meal plan for me that was relatively easy to follow.  When I was going through stressful times, Simon was able to provide valuable advice and even shared useful youtube videos and articles that could help me!

I also found him to be extremely flexible with times (considering we had 2 little kids at home who sometimes didn’t go to bed on time).  I truly believe that Simon really cares about his clients and wants the best for them. I would highly recommend calling him and taking the first step to getting healthy!  You will not regret it!”

– Vivek Guntamukkala

“Simon is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and somehow, usually, fun. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age (58) if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions.  Simon is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of his profession. This is extra important at my age as Simon always ensures that my technique is correct to avoid any injuries.

Simon is extremely reliable and punctual and very enjoyable to spend an hour with.  This is the longest I have used a personal trainer and I attribute that to Simon’s abilities and personality.  I would most certainly recommend him.”

– Brett Drysdale


“Simon is everything you look for in a personal trainer. He is organized, motivated and most importantly efficient in his regimented training. In his session(s) he will push you as much as he can, but remaining very cognizant of over-training or possibility of injury. In the sessions, its not about brainless exercises, but also acquiring knowledge about what you are doing and why – which will undoubtedly stay with you for a very long time. If you are looking for a laid-back dude who is willing to whip into the shape you want, try him out – you won’t regret it!”

– Mohammed Owais


“Simon is a well-rounded personal trainer and nice person as well. At the outset, he ascertained where I was in life and on my weightloss journey by discussing my goals and struggles. He gave me certain targets to achieve starting with getting adequate sleep and nutrition. Despite the challenge of having two arthritic knees, Simon created great routines that focused on strength training circuits and stretches that still benefited my whole body. He was patient and never ridiculed my limitations. He paid close attention to my form and technique and helped me increase my strength to be able lift heavier than I had in years. I appreciate his level of commitment especially when I didn’t feel like working out!”

– Karla Murray


“I had the opportunity to be a patient of simon for my left hip problem. I seeked medical help from multiple people such as an orthopedic surgeon, two chiropractors one was specialized in sports injuries and a fracture clinic. I met with simon because the orthopedic surgeon wanted to do a hip replacment and im 25 years old. I want to be a firefighter when im  grow up, also im part of a pit crew for a NASCAR racing team so surgery just wasnt in my books. Simon met me at my house and the gym which was really convenient for me. He taught me proper ways to strengthen and stretch the certain muscles deep in the hip joints. I have been walking and struggle with my everyday life style for just little over year now. After about one month meeting simon i started to walk normal and running again. 3 months after i started to see more improvment and im feeling better then when i was 18 im my prime. Thanks to simon i didnt get a hip replacement, waste 50 dollars every week at a chiropractor that didnt do nothing for me and im still chasing my dreams to do firefighting.”

– Aaron  Weaver


“I’ve tried many types of diets in my life but I could never loose more than just a few lbs. After years of ups and downs  I decided to look in to personal training. I was very nervous about spending money on myself like this but it turned out to be the best money I have ever spent.  Starting was the hardest as in the first few sessions I felt constant lack of strength and energy to complete some of the tasks Simon has set out for me.  For me it took about 4-5 sessions when I finally started seeing my weight drop to levels I could never achieve before by myself.  Few times I have literally left pools of sweat on the gym floor.  Seeing my weight starting to drop made me more motivated and that’s when I really started to believe in personal training. It took a bit of adjustment to my eating habits as well but after 20 sessions with Simon I lost 30lbs.”

Thank You again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Peter Franckiewicz


“Simon is an amazing personal trainer. He is knowledgeable and very professional. My wife and I learnt and benefitted from his training sessions. We hope to continue with his sessions during our next visit to Toronto.”

– Mahesh & Padma Guntamukkala


“Simon really strives towards good health. He makes sure to listen to your physical and mental health in order to guide your long-term goals. His knowledge and experience supported me to achieve my physical fitness. He taught me there is always a way to achieve your goals, even with old injuries. Simon always makes sure to have a strategy that works for you. With Simon’s passion, knowledge, and motivation, you will see results. He is a great trainer.”

Pandora Ziu 


“I have to admit, I really was very nervous about seeing a personal trainer. Lucky for me, Simon was suggested. What really impressed me about him was his very thoughtful and commonsense approach. Simon takes the time to ask and then really listen to what is holding you back.  He helps you re-frame your thinking so that you are positive and motivated. I am still working on my fitness goals; with Simon’s guidance, motivation and know-how, I am making progress every day. Thank you Simon!”

– Maria Cantisano


“After starting my journey towards weight loss and better health, I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer. I have been training twice weekly with Simon for 3 months. In that time, thanks to changes in my diet and Simon’s training, I have had a total weight loss of 30 pounds.

A friend and I decided it would be good to train together, so we could be accountable to each other and support each other.  Our goals were similar but are ages and starting fitness levels were different.  Simon was able to work with our individual strengths and weaknesses while allowing us to train together as a unit.  We were also taught different strategies to help with old injuries and health issues.  The weekly workouts were strategic and varied.  We used weight training and Gym equipment, and also resistance training using our own body weight.

His focus was overall health, weight loss and helping equip us for an active lifestyle.  He constructed his sessions so that we could continue with our training even after sessions were over.  Throughout the sessions he corrected our posture and undid incorrect techniques we had acquired over the years during other classes and group sessions.  He also targeted specific areas that may have been weak or had specific issues that needed to be dealt with.  He was always passionate about teaching and helping people achieve their top level of physical fitness.  He also supported us and helped us with nutrition recommendations.  He is well-versed in all aspects of fitness, physical health and nutrition and pointed us to additional resources when needed.

Simon kept us focused and motivated, helped us persevere and brought his sense of humour into the hour-long sessions to keep us going.  Since we were also interested in boxing and self-defense, Simon was able to bring basic techniques from both disciplines into our general sessions, further helping us stay focused.  He was always professional, committed and punctual and his sense of integrity came through in everything we did together.  The icing on the cake, he’s also a great listener!”

– Ivana Piscione and Teresa Neto 


“l would recommend Simon as your first choice in a personal trainer.His ability to listen,comprehend,and tailor a program for your individual needs is superb.When l needed help he had a number of exercises that were safe and effective to work on.Top it off with his suggestion on healthy lifestyle choices and workable diets and you have the makings of  a great trainer.”

– Richard Hodges


“I was very hesitant to hire a personal trainer, but felt I needed some help and direction. I was always active and athletic but after a knee injury 2 summers in a row I had last my conditioning and wasn’t happy with my body or my fitness level. All I really knew how to do at the gym was how to operate a treadmill or join in a spin class. I had never been confident about free weights or machines and really didn’t know how to do many exercises properly.  After just a few workouts with Simon I was much more confident. The workouts are never boring, and there are always new exercises and programs that I can take away and do on my own. After just 8 weeks I am already seeing results, and consistently have more energy. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my endurance. Simon is excellent at providing a full body workout and at ensuring that each exercise is executed with proper form. I was never somebody who enjoyed working out in a  gym but with the confidence I gained through my workouts with Simon I am able to keep a consistent routine and now know far more than treadmill operation.  Simon also has a great outlook on nutrition and ties this into your personalized program. The information he provided was very helpful in jumpstarting myself back a better diet in addition to my new exercise program. Overall I would recommend Simon to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their health. You won’t regret it!”

– Shannon McGee


“We have been training with Simon for the past 3 months and we never thought we would have learned so much about fitness and nutrition in a short amount of time. We both had different goals and although he trained us together, Simon managed to give us both individual strategies in order to support our needs. He is always well-prepared and provides excellent instruction and encouragement during our work-outs. Simon is very professional, informative and creates fun exercises for our sessions at the same time. He is an excellent trainer and we would recommend his expertise to anyone looking to improve their fitness level and lifestyle.”

– Kayla & Nadine Tavares


“Simon has materially influenced my health and well being – not just my fitness. I have had trainers over the past 20 years in New York, Hong Kong and London UK. Simon is by far the best trainer I’ve had and as a result I am more fit today than I’ve been over the past two decades. I look forward to my sessions with Simon because he is very focused and customized to what my needs are both short and long term.

I never get bored as he constantly changes my workouts to not only keep me engaged but to also shape and tone my body. He pushes me when needed but also stops me when my techniques falters to avoid injury.

Do yourself a favour and workout with him.”

– Simonne LeBlanc


“From the moment you meet with Simon, you know he’s the real deal. He does a thorough fitness assessment, and gets to the root of your “why”. Simon is a professional and an expert in the field of optimal fitness, anatomy, and rehabilitation from past injuries. His knowledge is science based and goes well beyond the average personal trainer who has a CANFITPRO certification. I would only hire the BEST to condition my body, thats why I chose Simon, he’s simply the best in his field! He teaches proper form, first and foremost, so as to prevent future injury and maintain the integrity of proper mechanical (body) movement. His Kettlebell classes are awesome!!! Fun, challenging, and you seriously get a total COMPLETE body workout. I am very impressed with his professional, friendly, non nonsense attitude. I wish I had a simon everyday to motivate me into being my best self. Simon, you deserve to know that you are truly talented and gifted and truly an inspiration!!”

– Beata Vincent 


“I had the privilege of learning and working with Simon as a healthcare practitioner in Athletic Therapy/Kinesiology. He was definitely in the top 20% of our class when it came to theory, but his application skills are what makes him a true expert in the field of personal training. His cool and collective demeanor is not only professional, but helps to create a positive working environment.

As a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, I would definitely recommend Simon Bialecki as a vital addition to any person’s or organization’s fitness and rehabilitation team.”

– Anik Sarkar


” Simon is an amazing trainer! He has a prodigious knowledge of body mechanics and nutrition and is able to match the training to your desired goals. He insists on good technique to get the maximum results and while he pushes you for progress, he does it in a way that recognizes your limits. I have benefited greatly from his knowledge and guidance, and as a result, I keep coming back for more! Thanks Simon!

– Ron Sapsford 


“Simon provides excellent one on one training and exercise, that would  test any of the athletes as well as a beginner. Working out with Simon is exhausting but very rewarding. He pays meticulous attention to the form and technique, that prevents injury and unnecessary strain. We have spent an entire year working out in my backyard. Thanks to Simon , I have learned principles of working with Kettlebells as well as the TRX system.

I really appreciate the progress I have made under Simon’s guidance.”

– Mirek Wojcik 

“When I met Simon, he asked me my expectations and I said, of course I want to lose weight but more importantly to tone and strengthen.

In 8 months, I lost 5 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my hips and dropped 2 dress sizes.. This is all due to the commitment from Simon. He has a vast knowledge of muscles and various ways to stretch them so you can get maximum range of motion, which was one issue I had to work. Simon is an awesome trainer. He is patient as well as persistent. He is always involved with your nutrition as well as your cardio workouts on your “off” days

Simon is a household name in our home.”

– Vicki Little


“I was sick of traditional tips and trainers who were obviously better at sales than fitness. After meeting a few professionals in the field, and being trained by both good and bad, I found the best!

Simon, his abundance of knowledge, practical approach, and bottomless wealth of advice, is quite simply the trainer everyone needs no matter how mature your fitness lifestyle is. He is extremely talented and has helped me achieve and exceed my goals, and always made himself available for both early morning sessions and late night texts. While i’m moving out of province I will likely forever consult him and continue my sessions when back in town to visit.”

– Ted Zalucki


“When I first started seeing Simon, I experienced significant problems with my lower back from working at a sedentary job for several years. All of my muscles were weak and needed toning. Not only did he teach me numerous exercises to improve my posture, as well as the condition of my muscles, he also showed me some stretches which completely eliminated my lower back pain! Thanks to Simon, I now feel much healthier and stronger! People keep complementing me on how much my body has changed. He is a very knowledgeable and professional trainer, who supports and encourages his clients every step of the way towards reaching their fitness goals. I highly recommend Simon to everyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, their health, appearance and confidence-level!”

– Nadiya Stadnytska 


“My name is Mike and I am a business owner who suffers from back problems for the past 20 years. Over the years I always battled making it to the gym after a long days work and when I did, I watched the clock and looked for any excuse to leave.  Simon as a personal trainer is not only a professional but carries the social skills to make you feel like you have known him for years.  I have had personal trainers before in the past and none of them were able to connect with me the way Simon has.   He has kept me motivated to try and continue to prioritize my health no matter how busy life can get and how many excuses I have to not go to the gym. He listened to my specific needs and goals and made a workout that would help benefit me in the best way possible. Pushing me beyond my limits there hasn’t been a day that I have got to the car and felt the muscle group we worked out to be completely toast. Going to the gym now for 6 months with Simon, I have noticed physical change much faster than I was able to accomplish on my own. I am able to see him twice a week which is plenty and allows me to continue the workouts he teaches me throughout the rest of the week. All in all personal trainers are an expense not all of us want to have but when its comes to your health and living a long life, they make all the difference in making every minute at the gym away from home count and every drop of sweat worth it in the end. I feel great at 53 and would recommend Simon to anyone busy, looking to make a healthy change in their life and make their time at the gym as pleasant as possible.”

– Mike Mikolaczak 


“In the fall of 2013, I connected with Simon to help get me on track. I had totally fallen off the “diet and exercise” wagon and was looking at a closet of clothes that I had “outgrown.” With Simon’s guidance and encouragement I embarked on the  Carb cycling program  starting December 16th! The assessment he completed at this time, highlighted many areas for improvement. Simon’s faith in me kept me going and be the end of Week 1 I had lost 11 lbs! When Simon did a second assessment  I was able to do 12 sit ups where , 4 weeks earlier, I could not do 1! I have lost 20 lbs and am wearing the clothes in my closet. I am in the best physical shape that I have been in decades. Simon’s knowledge and approach has enabled me to meet my goals and has given me confidence to continue to strive to be better and  better. If you are serious about becoming healthy and fit, I totally recommend Simon as THE personal trainer to work with.”

– Brenda Chapman


Simon takes pride in being in peak physical condition and is a great role model to anyone who wants to achieve the same. His knowledge of the principles of strength and conditioning is unmatched. The added benefit of hiring Simon as your personal fitness coach is that he has a background in rehabilitation, so you know that his programs will be individually designed with your safety in mind!”

Pat Sanziano


“Simon took me seriously from the beginning even though I was a pure beginner. He has incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Every activity and exercise he had me do, he made sure that I would execute it perfectly. He explained the importance of every exercise, as well as how the exercises would benefit me. Simon has a very creative approach to building strength, improve flexibility and improve the often forgotten mobility. Simon keeps my program fresh with a lot of variety and is very creative and persistent to ensure I improve every time I see him, especially where I was struggling.

Simon is the most attentive Personal Trainer I have ever had and you get 100% of his focus and attention. He ensures ongoing support and follow-up outside the gym as well so that you succeed. He is a true partner in building my fitness. Oh, he is also warm and caring and is great company.”

– Jim Carfrae


“Simon is a rare personal trainer who puts ‘personal’ first. As many people I made the same mistake setting up my fitness goals wrong. I thought about losing weight only. Simon worked with my mind first, telling me that my weight was not something to concentrate on but eating healthy and exercising to get leaner and stronger was a way to go. Not only he follows up with great advise on healthy lifestyle, he educates on every movement, challenges your body every second of your training, pushes you to break sweat and get to that point when you start thinking ‘It’s so hard, I can’t’ and says ‘Yes, you can!’ And when it’s over you think ‘Wow! I did it!’

Every training with him became a little battle with myself for a leaner, stronger me and only a victory will do. Yeah, I did it! in few short months I went from 5 to 15lbs weights and up , I can do more reps, I feel stronger and visibly fitter than before #operation lean continues!”

– Monika Gajewska


“I’ve worked with Simon for almost two years and he has taken my body from a broken down wreck after a car accident and 60lbs overweight into a well developed muscled body anyone would be proud of. His tactics dealing with my prior injuries and working around them to strengthen my core and increase my stamina have helped me in every facet in life. I truly owe Simon my well being. Without his assistance I would still be bedridden in pain unable to lift even a 10lb. box. His encouragement and drive to excel have made me who I am today. I can’t thank you enough Simon for the miracles you’ve performed here.”

– Adam Alistair Shaka


“I have known Simon for well over a decade. I consider him to be a good friend, one that is caring, passionate and holds a high level of integrity and professionalism to himself and those he works with. His approach to life is similar to what he would offer to his clients. He is constantly evolving, learning and creating a higher level of competency in what he does. I’ve spent over 15 years in this industry and one thing I’ve learned is that most trainers can help you achieve your superficial goals. It really isn’t that difficult to help someone build muscle or lose weight. The question is at what cost? How will this common approach affect ones current, past and future injury potential? How will drastic changes in dietary habits to achieve temporary goals affect your health in the future? These are the important questions one should ask when choosing an athletic trainer. What separates Simon from most trainers is that his techniques are safe, preventative, and innovative and will challenge you on a physical, mental and emotional level. Do not hesitate to get the change you’ve been looking for in your life as he will educate and motivate you in all aspects of it! I wish Simon all the best and to any potential clients that read this testimonial, you are in good hands.”

– Peter Pepi 


“Simon walks the talk. He is easy to follow into fitness. I am so excited to work with him and achieve the fitness results I have always desired. Thank you for your amazing results driven program.”

– Dr. Andrea Mills, PhD 


“Simon is a different kind of personal trainer.  He doesn’t engage you with a hard sell approach.  Rather, his appeal comes from knowledge, experience, expertise and an intense focus on proper form.  You may think you know how to do an exercise until you learn it from Simon.

Results-oriented, Simon keeps things interesting by regularly changing up routines.   He even developed and emailed me programs to follow between training sessions so that we could make even more progress during our time together.

In addition to being certified in personal training he also layers on knowledge of nutrition, physiology, energy and motivational technique.  His well-rounded knowledge base allows him to deal with his clients more holistically.

Simon is a genuinely caring and encouraging person and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for personal training…but you just can’t have my time slot..*wink*”

– Geoff Lumber 


“I had the opportunity to work out under Simons instructions. I have found that he as quite knowledgeable in weight training, cardio, muscle groups, and dietary needs, a very well rounded trainer. I looked forward to our class together, he would push you harder than you would go but not overdo it. Simon is meticulous on form, constantly checking and correcting when needed. Something I needed because some exercises I had never done before. Always changing up the training to tackle different muscle groups and never get bored of the same thing. It was a pleasure to work with Simon and I would highly recommend him in his field.”

– Eddie Misiak


Simon is very knowledgable, professional and inspiring. He has helped my husband and I tremendously!”

– Ruth McGroarty 


Simon is a very passionate and no nonsense trainer. His extensive knowledge in health, fitness & nutrition, makes him an asset to whoever he comes into contact with. Whether you are a trainer, or client alike. Simon’s attention to detail during training will allow anyone to achieve their desired results.”

– Melissa Colthrust 


“I started training with Simon a few months ago and have had a very positive experience.  Not only am I down several dress sizes, but I have also gained strength and improved my eating habits.  I achieved great results thanks to Simon’s focus on strength training, cardio, nutrition, and mental motivation.

Simon is very professional and respectful.  In addition to being a nice guy, he is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and proper bio-mechanics.  I had utmost confidence in him throughout our training sessions; he emphasized proper lifting technique and posture which resulted in no injury or stress on my body.  Prior to our training sessions, Simon had me complete a full health questionnaire and a fitness test, monitored my heart rate, and helped me set realistic goals.  Overall, my experience with Simon was an excellent one.”

– Nancy Chmelik

“Simon has been my trainer for well over 3 years now.  The reason for my loyalty towards him is due to his cutting edge styles of training combined with his medical expertise, this brought me an instant comfort level! I would highly recommend his services and treatments! Simon is a trainer that keeps training himself, from cutting edge new excercises to myo buddy therapy, he is par excellence and highly recommended”

– Aliya Mohamad


Simon is a personal trainer that really understands your needs and brings all that you need to reach your goals, working together with you and making your plans come to reality. 

With a very good interpersonal skills and experience in fitness programs, personal training, high quality standards and customer service, Simon is a personal trainer with a passion for delivering outstanding results. He is always going above and beyond to ensure exceptional service and client satisfaction. 

Certainly, Simon is the personal trainer that everyone needs. I definitely recommend him for all your health and fitness needs.”

– Hanler Perez Nieves 


“If it is your goal to be more healthy, to increase your strength, to improve your performance, or enhance your appearance through weight training and exercise then you must learn 3 things:

1.  You must learn what to do.

2.  You must learn how to do it.

3.  You must learn why you are doing it.

As such, you would do well to acquire the services of a personal trainer who understands and is capable of sharing the information integral to achieving your goals with you.  Simon is just such a trainer.  Simon goes in depth with such careful detail and nuance about things you never thought there could be such specificity to, that you will comprehend your training routine with previously unknown clarity.  As a lifelong athlete, I felt a had a firm grasp on health and fitness.  Simon has shown me that there is a proper/optimal way to exercise that will increase your benefits tremendously and maximize the effort you put in.  In conclusion, I highly recommend Simon as a trainer for your fitness program regardless of your goal.  He will help you get where you want to go, and prevent you from wasting time and energy through your own ignorance.”

– Marti Christopher

“Simon is a skilled and professional Personal Trainer. He is truly compassionate about health & wellness and what I enjoyed most when training with him was his focus on performing exercises correctly and maintaining one’s form. He pushed me to train harder and practice the mobility exercises he taught me to strengthen my muscles and relieve tension. I highly recommend Simon and have told my friends and family about his great training technique.”

– Shirin Forouzin

“Simon is one of the most amazing Personal Trainers I had in my life. If you want someone for kicking your ass call him. His tools about the mindset and training are so powerful. Thank you Simon.”

– Tomyrick Plouffe 


“I get encouraged every time I get to the gym. It seams that exercises are less difficult when the trainer is with you. I work harder and want the results. I hope to get toned and get my body into the shape I remember from years before (before my kids). I hope to get healthier, more flexible and loose all the pains I have (lower back etc). Only after a little over one month (10 sessions) of doing exercises Simon prepared for me, I felt much better. I feel stronger, I sleep better, I eat healthier and slowly I’m changing my life style. I lost 7 lbs so far and I’m working on loosing more. And despite going out of town on business I keep up with the exercise regime and I’m really watching what I eat. A little cheating in this department but I don’t indulge in eating whatever I like. And to my surprise restaurants are really accommodating!!! You just have to ask and they will it for you!!! If I did not start I would be going to chiropractor twice a week to make adjustment on my neck and my back. And I suspect I still would be pains in my back. Instead I’m looking forward to get to the gym and work out. And the most important thing ….it feels good to see that the body shape is changing and cloth size is dropping!!!”

– Elizabeth Kwadrans


“Your body is bound to change when it comes into contact with Simon.  Like the famous slogan of Nike – Just Do It – that’s how sessions flow with him.  As a fully qualified kinesiologist, Simon carries more knowledge and practical experience than several researchers, doctors and fitness experts combined.  What you don’t realize when you sign up for Simon’s services is how intensely you’re going to feel your mistakes- and how compassionate, humble, and emotionally aware Simon is in guiding you through your journey.  Sometimes it takes the mind awhile to catch up with the changes it can’t comprehend by the body – and Simon really knows how to support his students and clients while the mind gets reprogrammed to think like a true warrior.  Simon really is pro grade fit.”

– Zeena Zaiyouna


“I have trained with Simon for several years now in both personal training and kettlebell boot camps. His workouts are a great balance of cardio, and a full body workout. He never loses focus on proper mechanics, full range of motion and posture. His workouts are physically challenging and technically sound.”

– Dave Suttaby


“Simon helped as my personal trainer for a few months. Gave me dedicated personal attention and encouragement from which I continue to benefit.”

– Gerry Townsend 


“Simon is a great personal trainer that provides expert advice and great results! Highly recommended!”

– Clement Chiu


“Simon is a great guy & will always make sure that you are moving forward with your goals. I would recommend him to anyone, you can’t go wrong.”

– Joy Book-Tamas 


“To whom it may concern, This is to attest that Simon was my trainer for a period of nine months and helped me achieve a level of physical fitness was not possible considering I just reached retirement. He was of great help in perfecting exercises with weights and various gym equipment. He even accommodated me in my special request in making videos of a series of exercises I was not quite grasping, this was a tremendously helpful. I would recommend Simon without hesitation.”

– Yves Boutin 


Simon is very knowledgeable, and demonstrates proper technique, for kettlebell training programs.”

– Andrew Stancel


Simon is a bright, friendly, and dedicated personal trainer and life coach who can help you reach your goals with fun.”

– Jay Sordean 


“As someone who has had experience with multiple personal trainers, I can honestly say that Simon is the best I have met, from your first session he starts personalizing your workouts and helping you learn the proper techniques for multiple different exercises, teaching you not only how to improve your conditioning and strength, but also how to take proper care of yourself. I found my sessions with Simon to be very rewarding, as he manages to challenge you every minute of every session in different ways – whether he is focusing on cardio or strength training or rehabilitation. One thing I noticed while I was working with Simon was how my posture improved as well throughout our sessions.”

– Haig Altounian 



“When I started the health training in January 2015 at “One Health Clubs” in Mississauga I was fortunate enough to be assigned Simon as my trainer. He took great care initially to understand my goals, my present health status and my food consumption before he started my training program. I soon became aware that he had completed many years of training and accumulated a lot of experience which put my mind at ease that he would not attempt to move too rapidly through my training program. We started carefully increasing only as quickly as I could manage while still making progress week by week. Simon explained reasons for his selection of exercises and varied them so they did not become too boring. He explained the reasons for each exercise and which part of the body it was improving.

Early on in the training, Simon emailed a package of documents on effective eating habits and foods to avoid. He made it clear that changing my diet would have more effect on losing weight than the exercise training. As the training progressed he continued to review if I was changing my diet to stay within the guide. During the exercise sessions Simon expected more than just going through the motions. He tried to get me to focus on the techniques he showed me and to do as much as I was able to rather than just remembering how many times I had reached previously. Simon documented the results I achieved in all exercises so he built up a complete record of my progress. I learned when to take breaks and for how long. I learned to push myself beyond what I would have done if I did not have a trainer. I learned that it was important to drink lots of water during the training sessions. I learned to start warming up with lighter weights before each session. I learned that I should do a lot of heart exercising as frequently as possible in addition to the work I did with Simon.

I signed up for about five months of one on one training which has consisted of 1 hour sessions twice per week. I thought the training plan had been well planned and consisted of building up the body core muscles as the basis for the upper body and lower body muscles. I thought that I was achieving consistent progress over this period. Simon taught me to use various pieces of equipment correctly. If I had been left to try to figure out how to exercise with them on my own I would have been wasting time and could have done more harm than good. I thought Simon was very patient and never showed frustration when I did not remember the exact techniques of each set of exercises. He taught me to stay focused and how to breathe properly in order to achieve better results.

It was always necessary to explain to Simon how I felt as a result of the previous session. Did I feel comfortable? Was I stiff? Did I have any pains anywhere? Etc. It was important that my body had time to recover from each session but not start to forget the progress that had been made. I could feel less stiffness after each session and I made improvement in the weights and number of repetitions I have been able to achieve. More progress seems to have been made on my upper body strength than on my lower body. It seems to be important to do a lot of muscle flexing as well as strength building. I assume some of my body fat has been exchanged for muscle.

Simon takes his job very seriously and expects that you are serious too in achieving goals as quickly as possible. I would certainly recommend Simon to others and they should feel fortunate if they have him as their body trainer.”

– Neville Ashworth 


“Simon is highly knowledgeable trainer who was very thorough in explaining how to use proper form and what areas are effected by each exercise. He was also very accommodating to my busy schedule. I would strongly recommend Simon to anyone looking for a trainer that truly enjoys helping customers.”

– Thomas Ladas 



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