My Approach

I have a unique approach to training clients. I believe that exercise at the gym is only a part of your total health. Good health is the result of proper nutrition, proper lifestyle habits and moderate exercise.

With specific goals come specific fitness, nutritional and lifestyle protocols. When it comes to fitness, not everyone has the same goals; some people don’t even consider setting goals. Even people with similar goals may follow a completely different program based on their specific needs and body type. There is no “textbook” way to do things. Every successful fitness regime has specific nutrition and lifestyle programs that all have to be aligned to work. This is a lot to consider and plan, and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to implement successfully. Often times, people attempt to try this on their own, but feel overwhelmed and, as a result, fail at their health and fitness goals. This is why it is a great idea to invest in someone, like me 😉 who you can trust to help you get where you want to be.


My Approach:


I use a wide variety of tools and exercise equipment with clients, with a primary focus on the TRX, Barbells and Kettlebells.

Kettlebells have a ridiculous physiological effect on many aspects of fitness. Kettlebells traditionally are geared to achieve whole body conditioning. They utilize a natural primal human movement that has been shown to increase strength, cardio, endurance and “good” hormones as well as decrease fat in a fraction of the time that a conventional training method would. This transfers into overall holistic strength, cardio, endurance and flexibility. To truly understand the benefits of Kettlebells, you must first experience them.

It’s been shown that Kettlebells can burn 1200+ calories per hour!!!




By utilizing healthy nutritional approaches through whole foods and supplements, clients decrease fat, inflammation, autoimmune issues, unwanted toxins and hormones, and increase healing, repair and good hormone production. My approach to nutrition stems from my belief in what humans were always meant to eat, which is based in Ancestral and Paleolithic Nutrition. The basic formula consists of a variety of good quality meats, eggs, vegetables, roots and tubers, nuts, seeds, fruits, oils and spices that make each meal unique and satisfying. This way of eating is amazingly delicious, you just have to learn the recipes 😉

I utilize certain powerful and healthy nutritional techniques to get clients into the best shapes of their lives in record time. Using the science of such techniques as Carb Cycling and Carb Backloading, I implement specific nutritional plans for clients to increase their fat burning hormones, their fat burning capacity, their metabolism and the hormones that stimulate muscle growth and anti-aging. These are just a few of the benefits that a specific fitness and nutritional program can do. The best thing is, it is all sustainable.




“Lifestyle” mainly includes what clients do on their own time. This part of the health equation is where most people fail; but not to worry. I have an accountability system that enables us to work on your sleep, in home/work nutrition, stress levels, hobbies and mental focus to keep you on track while enjoying this whole experience. Lifestyle is the area where we work on changing habits so that this part of the equation becomes the easiest. We are creatures of habit, therefore, we need to start planning our habits consciously. I will guide you through this process.


– Simon Bialecki

— “Live life how it was meant to be lived!”

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