I believe that before signing up with me, you must first explore if we are a good match. I believe that trust and credibility are essential between client and trainer because this is one of the main factors dictating good vs. bad results. When we meet, you will not experience any sales pressures like in bigger gyms. I do not like that approach. I make the consultation friendly and informative, so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

—————————————————————————————————————————————  Initial Consultation and Session:

1) Free Consultation / Goal Setting Session (Can be done on the Phone or In Person and takes about 60min)

2) Free Introductory Personal Training Session (30 min)

—————————————————————————————————————————————  The Program:

1) Free Consultation / Goal Setting Session

2) Free Introductory Personal Training Session (30 min) 

3) Program Includes:

– Movement Evaluation and Technique Education (Proper Form Education)

– Correction of Movement and Mobility Issues

– Custom and Periodized Program Designed for every client or Randomized Training for General Health and Fitness

  • Three Phases of Training:
  • 1) Foundation/Anatomical Adaptation Phase or Stabilization Endurance Phase for Proper Movement and Corrective Exercises
  • 2) Build/Hypertrophy Phase and Strength Phase to add Muscle and Strength
  • 3) Burn/Endurance Phase or Power Phase based on goals for Fat Loss and Endurance or Increased Power Output

– Progressive Physical Training through Customized Steps all the way to your Desired Goals

– Basic Nutrition Counselling, Handouts and Education throughout or a more comprehensive customized Nutritional Meal plans for an added cost. (See below)

– Lifestyle Alteration Strategies (i.e. sleep, nutrition, stress, mental and physical habits, thought patterns, etc.)

– Periodical Re-assessments to see how you are progressing

4) Personal Development Programs (if requested) for rapid Lifestyle changes and training the right mind set for success.

5) 100% results guaranteed when you follow the plan!

—————————————————————————————————————————————  Comprehensive Nutrition Plan 

Comprehensive and Custom Nutrition Program and Education (With Specific Meal Plans and Recipes): You will receive an understanding of how to optimize fat loss and muscle gain. This is a healthy and rapid way to optimize your fat burning hormones and at the same time teach your body to become a fat burning machine. This program is very sustainable because it allows you to eat your favourite foods by teaching you certain strategies, such as portion control, food timing, food preparations and food combinations to have your metabolism sky rocket and decrease your body’s ability to adapt to storing fat. You will receive all the information you need to understand how this process works as well on how to best apply it for yourself. This will be a big part of the plan so that you get the best results possible. This program is fully customized based on your favourite foods, your eating schedule and your specific goals. 

This Program is for anyone who:  

1. Suffers from Metabolic Syndrome or Auto-Immune Issues

2. Has a broken metabolism from past dieting or poor nutrient habits

3. Has a lot of fat to loose or has that last stubborn fat to loose (Primarily in the Abdominal Area)

4. Wants to gain muscle mass and strength

5. Wants to finally learn healthy eating habits and tricks to be able to maintain a healthy and sustainable nutrition plan

6. Needs high accountability at first to sustain a healthy nutrition plan and have coaching throughout to be 100% successful and be able to maintain it afterwards

7. Wants to know what meals they should have made without worrying what exactly they should be eating.

Cost: $150

I only work with people who want results and are willing to put in the effort. 

– Simon Bialecki

— “Have the body you have always dreamed of!”

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