Bringing Life back to the Root

Ever since nutrition has become a hobby for me I have tried to set a goal to determine what the optimal meal plan for me would be. What first did it for me was seeing a video on why humans are not meant to eat animal products. I was so convinced that I preached veganism to everyone I knew. I guess I was a bit gullible at the time, but anything can sound convincing if presented right. Ever since then I have researched and read books regarding nutrition that emphasized other types of diets. I soon began trying little amounts of animal products thinking that a little may actually be beneficial. I made notes and notes on the research that I read trying to figure out what foods I needed to get all of my daily vitamins and minerals. Nutrition seemed so complex to me that I thought it would take me ages to figure out that optimal nutrition plan for myself.

One day I was watching CP24, Wylde on Health, which I think that everyone should watch. His guest that day was Robb Wolf. If by now you don’t know this guy then you need to get a bit acclaimed with Erica’s website. Due to the fact that I was willing to learn and read anything that could get me closer to my optimal diet goal I went out and bought his book the next day. I read half of it on a flight to Cuba. Finally nutrition seemed to make sense to me. It was one of those “aha” moments.

What everyone and I were doing was making things way too complicated with regards to what we should and should not be eating. Here I read a book that pretty much presented the “simple fact” that we should be eating what is found in the natural environment with very convincing evidence. Believe it or not, we come from nature! Our genetics are based on living in the forests, hills, valleys, etc for millions of years without food modifications or science. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the optimal diet is. You just have to close your eyes and picture what you could find outside. And I am not talking about human made things such as hot dog stands and wheat fields. Mother nature constructed you to eat lean meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds and drink water. Obviously I believe that if you mix natural herbs such as natural tea and coffee into your diet, then that can qualify as being natural and healthy for you. Add to this trying to eat as local as you can based on your habitat and climate and you are doing pretty well. Diet became simple and I didn’t have to brainstorm and stress on what I should and should not be eating.

I don’t believe much in trying to count the exact percentage of Carbs and Proteins, etc that you need daily. I think that if you eat three to five meals a day based on hunger and exercise levels of a balanced mixture of the Paleo diet, then you should be well of. Based on our unique physiology I believe that you will never be right with your percentages anyways. If you just need to know every percentage of food that you are consuming, then go right ahead. For me doing that is just only for stimulating your “control freak” reward centers in your brain and is based on your personality type. I like to keep it simple! Again, there is nothing wrong in counting all of the food percentages that you consume. It actually may be beneficial for some people, but I suggest that if you do it, do it at the start so that you have an idea of how much you should be consuming in the future.

In conclusion, what I learned about nutrition and exercise from Robb Wolf was pretty much what each of us already knows. It is engraved in your brain. It is instinct. It seems that today everything is made very complex. Science is great, but I believe that humans should always resort to their roots. These roots are our genetic codes that can be traced for millions of years. If you can do that and keep things simple, such as our primal ancestors did, then you will be very well of.

– Simon Bialecki

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