Where has Instinct Gone?

It shouldn’t be difficult thinking of what constitutes good health and well being. Some people constantly worry so much over it that they suffer a big burden to their health, which is stress. That is why people should not take nutrition and exercise religiously. People should probably not take anything religiously, unless taking something religiously gives you satisfaction in life that you will be happy you did on your deathbed.

People should instinctively know what they should do to be healthy. I think that most of our mainstream media and medical advice steers us in the wrong direction. I am certain, as many of you are, that what we are told to be good, healthy and right by the government, certain groups and doctors is misleading, false and counterintuitive to our own good and health. I am certain that most people know this due to them just living long enough to have some wisdom. So why don’t people decide on their own what is good for them? Instead most people follow whatever the “man” says. This is why most people stress so much. They get so much false and conflicting information that they forget instinctually what is good for them.

Putting politics and religion aside, I would like to discuss what constitutes good health. If you think about it, people never ate “fake” and processed foods for thousands if not a couple million of years through our evolution. Humans also never genetically developed to eating foods that caused irritation to their organs. People never even stressed constantly about life burdens.

Every species of animal has a specific diet that accompanies their genetic code. Humans are no exception. It’s strange to me that we even have dieticians and nutritionists who we pay and who tell us what we should be eating. Shouldn’t we already know naturally and instinctually? This is kind of weird when you think about it. How do humans not know what they should be eating? Are other animals just that much more in tune and wiser about their health and well being? They certainly know exactly what to eat without paying large dollar to someone who had to go years through expensive school to figure this out for them. And the irony is that such “experts” are mostly wrong anyways.

Health Care, or as I like to call it “Sick Care” (Got that from Supersize me) has done wonders for us. People today who truly believe in health care take care of themselves before they get sick. Our Health Care System (aka Sick Care System) is not just responsible for taking care of the sick, but often is responsible for keeping people sick and alive for profit. This is why I do not donate to such organizations and do my own research when it comes to my own health.

In addition, most of medicine does not have their marbles straight regarding nutrition either. Grains (especially wheat), legumes and dairy are well known through science everywhere, even main stream science, to irritate the intestines in everyone, not just people who are gluten, lectin and lactose, etc intolerant.

Therefore, how can wheat and dairy be recommended as healthy?

Meat and natural fat have gotten a bad rap though the years for being unhealthy. They are highly nutritious (if grass feed and organic) versus bread that everyone eats anyways because health experts recommend it. It just puzzles me.

Why not eat the most nutritious and highly mineral and nutrient based foods to optimize our health?

In addition, toxins, such as many products used excessively by people in their own homes daily, are known to irritate the liver and body. Much of this is also known. If the liver and digestive system are irritated or unhealthy then that’s when an individual becomes unhealthy. It mainly all comes back to liver and gut health. Keep them healthy through a proper, clean, natural and highly nutritious diet and keep toxins to a minimal.

What other factors can constitute good health? Take a minute and write down what you think. Don’t try to remember what Dr. Oz told you or what you heard on The Doctors. Use your instinct and basic knowledge.

Here it is:

Keep stress low (Stress is called “The Silent Killer” for a reason), exercise moderately (Walk, jog, lift some weights, do a sport, anything), play (Also known as a “Hobby”), socialize (Good friends and/or a meaningful relationship), pursue a dream (Known as Self-Actualization from Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs), get good vitamin D levels (From the Sun, therefore go outside. In the winter take some Vitamin D supplements or go tanning once in a while), maintain a good gut flora (Do not take antibiotics unless very necessary. Eat fermented foods or take Probiotics) and sleep well (Pure dark room with quality and quantity sleep).

That is the prescription for optimum health. This is why many tribes people living in the forests thrive and live more healthy and satisfying lives then us!

That is true health care! I am sure that you can always add something else. Most of this stuff is enveloped in our genetic code. We evolved this way and just recently have we skewed away from what we really need. It’s no brainer.

It seems like a lot to ponder about, but the point is that most people should sit down and decide for themselves what is good for them with out stressing about it. People should keep in mind that much of the information that they are told by “heath experts” is incorrect. Going back to my first article “Bringing Live back to the Root” try to live as natural as you can and you will thrive.

 – Simon Bialecki

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