I train my clients at various gyms in the GTA. Don’t worry, you do not need to be a member at any of them, unless you choose to. Each gym has showers and change rooms as well. They are fully functional with complete access to a variety of equipment. Clients can also opt to train with me at their own home for their convenience. I am in a process to find other gyms in various areas to suit my clients even better. Updates on gym locations will be up shortly.


Planet Workout: West Mississauga (Dundas and Winston Churchill)

Fitness Battalion: North Central Mississauga (401 and 403)

Forge Performance and Fitness: North Central Mississauga (401 and 403)

Xcel Fitness: South Central Mississauga (Cawthra and Lakeshore)

Avalon Fitness Club: East Mississauga/West Etobicoke (Islington and QEW)

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