Packages and Deals!

Personal Training Package:                                                                                                     For every 10 sessions purchased you receive 1 free session.

Price: $800 for every 11 sessions (Comes out to $72.72 per session) plus the FREE initial Consultation and Physical Assessment, plus a FREE initial Personal Training session (Comes out to roughly $61.50 per session for the first 12 sessions)                                             ——————————————————————————————————————————      Nutrition Plan Package:   

“8 Week” Comprehensive and Custom Nutrition Program and Education (With Specific Meal Plans and Recipes): You will receive an understanding of how to optimize fat loss through a 8 week period, which you will be able to repeat by yourself whenever you want. This is a healthy and rapid way to optimize your fat burning hormones and at the same time teach your body to become a fat burning machine. This program is very sustainable because it allows you to eat your favourite foods by teaching you certain strategies, such as portion control, food timing, food preparations and food combinations to have your metabolism sky rocket, decrease your body’s ability to adapt to storing fat and having your fat burning hormones on overdrive. You will receive all the information you need to understand how this process works as well on how to best apply it for yourself. Accountability and weekly coaching calls are included. This will be a big part of the plan so that you get the best results possible.

This Program is for anyone who:                                                                                              1. Suffers from Metabolic Syndrome or Auto-Immune Disease                                                   2. Has a broken metabolism from past dieting or poor nutrient habits                                     3. Has a lot of fat to loose                                                                                                                     4. Has that last stubborn fat to loose (Primarily in the Abdominal Area)                                 5. Wants to be able to have a low percent body fat (Have their abs show)                                 6. Wants to finally learn healthy eating habits and tricks to be able to maintain a healthy and sustainable nutrition plan                                                                                                           7. Needs high accountability at first to sustain a healthy nutrition plan and have coaching throughout to be 100% successful and be able to maintain it afterwords                                 8. Wants all their meal plans already made for them without worrying what exactly they should be eating. Recipes are also included for certain meals.

Price: $395 (for the 8 week program) or FREE if you sign up for a 30 session package                                                          ——————————————————————————————————————————-            In Addition:

1) Book 2 sessions per week and you receive: (24/7 email and text correspondence for any questions you may have. This also includes requests for program designs via email)

2) Book 3 sessions per week and you receive: (24/7 email and text correspondence for any questions you may have. This also includes requests for program designs via email. Plus 1/2hr accountability and coaching call every week for Lifestyle changes and Question and Answer)

– Simon Bialecki

— “You’ll feel like a million bucks!” 

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